Amazon Operations Managers: Talent Profile Insights Sample

Amazon hires 1000s of Operations Managers. This is a recurring role within the Amazon Stores organisation.

Whilst at Amazon, I led a cross-functional recruitment team to create a talent profile insights document for the top 20 recurring roles our team hired.

The document also includes LinkedIn Talent Insight with relevant data showing the talent profile pool in specific countries.

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Here is a sample of the section for Operations Managers, L6 (LTI not included):

Why Amazon Hires Operations Managers?

Amazon hires Operations Managers, who are able to lead Area Managers and monitor operational business (KPIs, forecasts, logistic processes) at a Fulfilment Centre.

These candidates need to have a deep understanding of analytics, data and be able to monitor their area with 3-5 departments, whilst also overseeing process flows.

In addition, Operation Managers lead projects for their departments, preferably having Project Management and Lean Management experience.

They have touch points with their team, other local teams and with other locations/business lane.

In addition, they actively engage with the transportation teams, suppliers and international stakeholders.

What to consider when hiring Operations Managers

With the global expansion of the supply chain industry, the logistics space has developed and grown greatly within the last years.

However, many operational management candidates have either sector specific experience or are focused on their local market i.e. region or country.

In order to raise the bar at this level, external candidates need to be operating as a Senior Manager or Regional Leader in their current employer.

In the external market, those individuals already lead smaller organisations or manage regions.

One point to consider is that talent who are already in the category described are willing to work for just an area with several departments.

The other consideration is that candidates at this stage in their career are often not willing to work in shifts.

Efforts must be made to engage with candidates who understands shift work and are willing to work in that environment.

Recruiters can promote the flexibility of shift work patterns, in a operational management fulfilment centre where no 2 days will look alike.

Successful Amazon operations managers have come from a wider range of industries, including:

Logistics, Supply Chain, Warehousing

Retail, Supermarkets, Groceries, Fashion (Regional/District managers)

Hospitality, Leisure & Tourisms, Restaurants (District/Regional managers)

Automotive, Production, Manufacturing and, Industrial Automation

Regarding compensation, candidates who come from technical industries, for example, automotive or engineering usually have a higher salary.

In this cases, often times Amazon cannot always compete with the base salary.

However, Amazon’s compensation philosophy is often an attractive proposition.

What technical skills/competencies does Amazon look for?

Operations Managers will be leading 3-5 Area Managers and about 200 employees indirectly.

Successful candidates need to possess strong analytical skills, including Excel skills (pivot table, vLookup).

It is also preferable that they have Project management skills (PM certificates and Lean Management experience preferred)

What are the key LPs or behaviours that Amazon looks for?

Customer Obsession, Earn Trust, Dive Deep, Invent & Simplify, Ownership, Think Big, Have Backbone, disagree and commit and Hire & develop the best.

What tools & channels to find talent for this role?

LinkedIn, local social networks, ICIMS Internal Search, Paid campaigns and Referrals

Vic Okezie is a global talent acquisition leader.

He has held recruitment leadership roles at global organisations like Amazon and GE.

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