Author: Vic Okezie

Talent Communities: Interviews at #SRCONF

Whilst the phrase Talent Community wasn’t quite overused at #SRCONF 2012, the concept was further explained during live interviews we ran on stage. Lisa Scales (TribePad) and Peter Ward (Employer Connections) both sat down with Alan during the breaks and discussed a wide range of subjects around their platforms. Both what is more telling during […]

Employer Connections, Peter Ward, #SRCONF

Peter Ward, CEO of Employer Connections, a trusted private enterprise social network shared his thoughts about #SRCONF, and why they are attending again this year. Peter is a recruitment industry veteran and his company now assist organisations find and engage talent via a talent community. Watch the video below to learn more.

TribePad's Lisa Scales Interview at #SRCONF

Lisa Scales, Co-founder at TribePad talks about TribePad, Social Recruiting and #SRCONF in the video below. TribePad is an award winning next generation recruitment platform that gives your organisation the most powerful tool in the market to manage your own recruitment processes from beginning to end and recruit the best talent for your organisation. TribePad […]

Social Recruiting: Marussia F1 #SMDriver

So it is the British Grand Prix weekend – oh what a wet one it could be. Today, Marussia F1’s new Social Media Driver will be actively engaging with fans via Marussia’s social media channels. In collaboration with Crexia, Monster worked with Marussia to run a Social Recruiting Campaign in order to attract and hire […]

Viadeo Company Pages & Employer Branding

Viadeo’s Pete Crosby delivered a great presentation at #SRCONF last week, where he shared some context to how professionals use Social Networks globally. Viadeo is a professional social network with over 45 million members. Members use Viadeo to increase their business opportunities, improve their visibility and their online reputation; and manage and develop their network […]

Social Employer Websites: Marussia F1

David Henry, VP Marketing UKIE at Monster was a key speaker at #SRCONF last week, where he shared a lot around Social Employer Website, showcasing the Marussia’s F1 case study. This project demonstrated how a “smaller” F1 company is getting its message across within the big money F1 industry, but it also highlighted Monster’s own […]

Social Recruiting Conference #SRCONF 2012

Social Recruiting Conference 2012 came to town on 28th June. It was a day packed with smart people, conversations, learning, videos and tweets. Here is the #SRCONF 2012 video below. The first two presentations in the morning have both highlighted video as a powerful recruitment tool. Social Employer Websites – Finding the world’s best talent […]

Thanks for Attending/Watching #SRCONF 2012

Thanks everyone who attended #SRCONF on 28th June 2012 in London. It was another great event, with lots of learnings and networking. Also, thanks to those who followed on twitter and watched live on uStream. We saw some of your comments, and really pleased the conference was engaging enough for you, and don’t hesitate to […]