Business Coaching

Business coaching gives you that extra pair of eyes to pore over your business ideas and plans, providing you with a dose of reality check.

Why? Coaching will give you the opportunity to focus on the most critical aspects of your business to ensure you have a higher rate of success.

Business woman getting business coaching

What will you gain?

Our business coaching sessions have been created to:

  • Get you to review and refine what business venture you will like to embark on
  • Challenge you with questions to help focus your mind/energy on what matters the most
  • Help you create or refresh the strategy and structure for your business

And with the right strategy in place, you will be on the right path to success. 

Based on our coach’s experience and interests, our business coaching expertise is in technology and Internet related ventures. Within this space, we will focus on your product or service, pricing model, target addressable market, Go-to-market strategy and competitors. 

For other types of businesses, we can provide general business coaching to get you started. However, we will be unable to give you the deep domain expertise if that is what you need. 

Why work with us?

Our business coach have launched multiple successful (and failed) business ventures. They have learned through experiences what the key to success is. One of their past businesses was a Global technology recruitment consultancy which they subsequently sold. 

Prior to this, they have ventured into an online job board, a global HR conferences company and an e-commerce website selling art. 

Let’s connect to explore what support you need. We are just an email away: