What is your Career and Life Purpose?

Millions of people ponder these questions – What is my career and life purpose? What do I really want to do with my life?

For many of us, we go through periods of self-reflections and iterations of our passions, before finding our raison d’etre.

Career and Life Purpose

Find your Passions

Your first step to living a more purposeful life is to identify the things you are most passionate about. This requires some self-awareness, personal reflections and careful retrospections. When it comes to your career, you will need to write down a list of what do you like or love?

Ask yourself, what do you enjoy the most? What work do you feel the most accomplished, valued or complete?

Why write a list? Because taking time to write creates that sense of journey where your written words engage with your consciousness, challenging your intentions. Once you have found your passions, then you can spark the fire to feed your ambitions.

Fuel your Ambitions

Whilst your passions form the foundation of your career and life purpose, your ambitions are the flame that ignites and the fuel that keep the fire burning. Yes, we all have our aspirations and ambitions. But how often do we invest the energy and efforts to bring them alive.

You will need to constantly recharge your character, confidence and conviction in order to achieve your passions.

A part of that journey will involve a significant change in your behaviors and mindset, enabling you to validate your values. Your ambitions will be evidenced when you put in the hard work and the power skills required.

Focus your Thoughts

Yes, you can build towers in thy thoughts. The tallest buildings in the world starts with an idea, which like a seed, eventually grows. And germinate. The architectural concepts will be framed and formed in the designer’s thoughts. And to achieve their ambition, they focus their thoughts on their tower. The same principles apply with most things we aspire for in our lives.

Our towers could be an ambition to climb a career ladder or run a successful business as the CEO.

Whatever it may be, you need to focus your mind and energies to achieve just one thing. Your tower. Once you are convinced that this is path you have chosen to take in life, then it is only human to do what comes nature to us – follow your heart.

Follow your Heart

What does it mean to follow your heart?

Modern literature and popular culture tell us to do what one would really love to do, almost at the spur of the moment. It suggests that we make decisions based on a gut feeling, often times with limited consideration or detailed analysis on that particular subject.

As we define our life’s purposes and have followed the steps above, we will allow on thoughts to guide our heart.

At this stage, we are more in tune with what our hearts are telling us to do and what direction we will be taking. We can see the horizon, along with the hills and valley that we will navigate. Our heart will act as a trusted compass, leading us to the destination.

So, what is your career and life purpose going to be?

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