Career Coaching

Career coaching gives you that time to focus on yourself. You will get a chance to ask yourself honest questions. And find practical answers.

How? Coaching provides the space to invest qualitative time with an objective professional, to help crystallize your career options.

Career coaching to a professional

What will you gain?

Our coaching sessions have been created to:

  • Assist you reflect on and reimagine what you want with your career
  • Help you clarify what career path you need to take that aligns with your passions
  • Give you the tools to identify, interview for and get hired into the right job.

And with the right job, you can find the utmost satisfaction.

During the sessions, we will challenge your career ideas and intentions; aspirations and ambitions. And we will work together to put an action plan in place to help you realise and actualise them.

Working with our consultant, you will get to appreciate why you should hire a career coach. We will provide you with confidence and direction to help you simplify your career options.

Why work with us?

Vic Okezie Coaching provides you with the methods and mindset to make better decisions. Our founder have worked in Recruitment & Executive Search for the past 15 years across multiple industries.

During this time, he has interviewed ~1000 candidates for job opportunities into global organisations of all sizes, across North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. In addition, he has personally hired and developed their own team, including leading managers.

One of their life’s passions is coaching and mentoring people to harness their potentials and actualise their career growth.

Let’s start that journey and see where it takes you. Drop us an email: