How to Plan for Diversity Sourcing for Recruiters

Many recruiters and talent acquisition teams have diversity sourcing and hiring goals in order to improve their pipeline for underrepresented talent communities.

This guide provide insights and resources to help TA teams build diverse talent pipelines.

You will learn how to attract diverse candidates by using Boolean search strings, diversity sourcing jams and messaging techniques to engage talent.

Of course, recruiters can utilise multiple networks for diverse talent attraction through events or Linkedin groups.

Examples include but not limited to: Women in Tech, Women in Engineering, Black in Tech etc.

Diversity Boolean Search

Diversity Boolean Search is a structured search process that inserts Boolean strings
like AND, OR, () into words or phrases linked to diverse communities or organisations.

In some countries, it may be illegal to identify people by their physical appearance or visual representation. This could lead to forms of bias, which must be interrupted.

Hence, a keyword search will typically generate results mostly based on words or phrases they have already used or indicated on their profiles.

For example, to attract talent who identify as woman on LinkedIn, recruiters can use keywords as a part of their search strings.

Here is 3 ways to use Boolean search in this scenario:

LinkedIn Recruiter search using the keywords (she OR her OR female OR woman OR women ) AND then the “job keyword”.

Search using phrases like “women in __” in keyword search; add the job function

Search using US College Association and Female Society names in keyword search. You will see non-US based profiles in the results.

You can apply the same approach to other diverse characteristics whilst also focused on sourcing for the right talent for the role.

Diversity Sourcing Jams

This sourcing event brings together team members to collaborate and primarily source for diverse talent on different channels/platforms including LinkedIn, Google x-Ray by using diversity focused Boolean search strings.


Define your success metrics (for example: at least 20 diverse candidates contacted per recruiter and 50% of the candidates in a pipeline are ready to be interviewed).

Invite your team members to join the monthly sourcing jam, making sure you achieve a high participation rate per event.

Set expectations via email, slack or teams with details of the roles, locations etc


Create a mechanism to track recruiter activity to ensure work is productive and measurable

Drive accountability for the team by using simple reports to demonstrate the number of candidates contacted, screened and ready to be interviewed

Use TA analytics and insights to demonstrate the impact of your sourcing efforts, including conversion ratios, compared to data from direct applications


Showcase the impact of sourcing jams in building pipeline of diverse talent

Create a fun atmosphere for the team; improve engagement and collaboration

Celebrate successful outcomes with progress of ready to be interviewed talent

Vic Okezie is a global talent acquisition leader.

He has held recruitment leadership roles at global organisations like Amazon and GE.

Learn more about him or connect on LinkedIn.