Executive Coaching

Executive coaching provides you with the framework that will help you refresh your leadership competencies and rebuild your confidence.

For some leaders, it can be lonely at the top. Or maybe you often deal with imposters syndrome. You don’t have to be alone.

Senior leader needing executive coaching

Who is executive coaching for?

This coaching is ideally suited for professionals who are:

  • Looking for their next manager promotion or interview for a leadership role
  • Leading change or a transformational programme and need a sounding board
  • Living with imposter syndrome and need to rebuild their leadership confidence

What will you gain?

Our executive coaching sessions have been created to:

  • Provide you with an honest self-awareness and assessment around your values
  • Help you define a leadership framework and challenge you to make commitments
  • Develop your positive leadership mindset with the help of the HEART Leadership model

The HEART Leadership Values model focuses on the following values:

  • Humility: Focus on active listening, respect for others and embracing diversity & inclusion
  • Empathy: Understanding other people’s emotions & feelings and leading with compassion
  • Accountability: Taking responsibility, delivering with focus and going above & beyond
  • Resilience: Recovering quickly from adversity or ambiguity (i.e. leading change)
  • Trust: Reinforcing your ability to be reliable, build relationships and earn trust

Why Work with us?

Vic Okezie, our executive coach have been privileged to have worked for some great employers, where leadership is at the heart of what those organisations do. Vic has also attended leadership development programmes, focused on accountability, courage and empathy. Hence, he has learned and embedded fundamental leadership behaviours, principles and values that make leaders and teams to be successful. His passion is on coaching using a positive leadership mindset, focused on positive emotions = positive outcomes.

To learn more about our executive coaching sessions, please email coach@vicokezie.com.