Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching enables you to raise the bar during job interviews, land the right professional or executive role and power your career.

How? Coaching will provide you with the techniques, tools and approach to ace your interview, whilst guaranteeing a higher rate of success.

Interview coaching for jobs, Vic Okezie coaching

What will you gain?

Our interview coaching sessions have been created to:

  • Help you really understand what the job description is and role expectations are
  • Review and prepare for competency interview questions, focused on S.T.A.R methodology
  • Role play on job interview scenarios where you will be challenged and actively coached

And with the right interview preparation and career coaching, you stand a high chance to get hired.

This coaching is also ideal for professionals who want to refresh their interviews skills after taking an employment break. Our interview coaching will help you rebuild your confidence as you plan and prepare for your interviews.

During the sessions, we will help you gain expert knowledge on how to use the S.T.A.R. interview format. It stands for Situation, Task, Actions and Results. This format is widely used by many organisations to determine your competencies for the role.

Based on their bar-raising hiring model, companies like Amazon use an advanced version of this interview technique. This enables them to assess a candidate’s abilities, actions and outcomes, in a structured approach.

Why work with us?

Vic Okezie have worked in Recruitment & Executive Search for the past 15 years across multiple industries. He has worked for major employers like Amazon, GE and Dassault Systemes. Whilst at Amazon, he fully embraced the bar raising interviewing format using the STAR methodology. This technique includes behavioural questions that are aligned to Amazon’s Leadership Principles.

During his career, he has interviewed ~1000 candidates for job opportunities into global organisations of all sizes. In addition, he has personally hired and developed their own team, including leading managers.

To book interview coaching for your next role, please reach out: