State of Social Media in Workplace

Social Media is having a significant impact in the way we now live our lifes. From how we communicate to the way companies are doing business.

With the massive growth in usage of services like Facebook and Twitter, more and more organisations are now exploring how these tools and platforms could influence the future of work. Foward thinking companies are also evaluating how Social Media and Social Software can add value to their Internal Communications, Workforce Collaborations & Employee Value Proposition.

These and so many other insights will be presented at the Social Workplace Conference taking place on 1st November 2011. It will be held at the Cavendish Conference Centre, London.

The conference will be packed with Case study presentations, panel discussions and networking sessions around the following points in the agenda:

  • Social Business and Workforce Collaboration
  • Social Workplace & Employee Engagement
  • Social Network for Professional Connections
  • Social Media and Internal Communications
  • Implementing a Social Workplace Strategy
  • Humanising Social Software & Enterprise 2.0
  • Social Intranet for Effective Corporate Communities
  • The Future of Social Media in Organisations

#SWCONF 2011 will feature speakers from organisations who have implemented successful Social Media strategies in the Workplace, with greater added value to Employee Collaborations.

Delegates can attend the conference by booking online or contact us.