#SRCONF TweetReach: 203,666 People

The Social Recruiting Conference hashtag #SRCONF, had a significant impact on the twitterverse throughout the duration of the conference.

We are very proud to note that #SRCONF reached 203,666 people via over 1500 tweets (searched maximum allowed by twitter) with exposure of 1,755,607 impressions.

Really, really impressive for a HR/Recruiting conference. Find below the page 1 of the tweetreach report. The full report is over 100 pages and 2.9MB.

Most of the tweets where about salient points made by the speakers and the panel members, which was heavily retweeted by many. But we also saw tweets with healthy criticisms and lighthearted jokes. All of which are expected. Many thanks for all those who were actively tweeting during the conference via the hashtag #srconf.

But a special thanks to Glenn Lesanto @lesanto (liveblogger extraordinaire) who made sure the stream was busy will relevant points throughout the day and who replied persons asking questions and needing clarifications on specific mentions. If you are looking to hire someone to amplify your social media event, please get in touch with Glenn.

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