How to Refresh Your Talent Acquisition Operations Process

Talent Acquisition Operations is an important component of the hiring experience to ensure people, processes, tools and times are aligned for better productivity.

After joining a large, global organisation, I observed that the TA Operations team weren’t working with clear SLAs. Accountability was lacking.

The reason was due to a significant number of changes in the wider organisation, with business units reformed and people having moved roles or teams.

The existing recruitment team were not clear on who does what, when and at what stage.

There was a misalignment from when the job was posted to the hiring manager launch call. The biggest challenge was what happens when recruiters get to offer stage.

There seemed to be confusion as to who was responsible for this action and when.

In some countries, it was either the Recruiter. Whilst in others, it was the HR team, People Operations or even Hiring Manager.

Talent Acquisition Operations Process

When I reviewed the existing basic Talent Acquisition Operations Process , it was clear that tasks and responsibilities were not well defined.

Hence, I actively partnered with the other TA leaders, along with HRM teams (across 13 EMEA countries) and Regional C&B Managers to revamp the TA operations.

The aim was to standardize and streamline the entire end to end TA process

Our initial draft identified the following 8 steps from Job Creation to Closing. They were: Create, Post, Intake, Source, Interview, Select, Offer and Close.

At the start and due to the complexity of the business, we adopted value stream mapping to design a full process flow.

The workflow incorporated nuances based on specific country requirements.

Adopting RACI Model and Lean Mindset

Using RACI, we identified specific and clear SLAs per process. With a lean mindset, we also aimed to reduce wastages (time, inefficiencies, multiple follow-ups).

The RACI helped each personas to understand who is responsible, accountable, consulted or informed for each of the tasks and stages of the process.

The result was we managed to align the TA, HRM and TA Ops teams to agree on the RACI as well as the standard SLAs.

At that time, we agreed on the following:

Job Creation to Job Posting (Workday): 2 Days

Job Posting to Hiring Manager Intake: 5 Days

Final Interview to Offer Approval: 2 Days

Verbal Offer to Employment Contract: 2 Days

Following the relaunch of the Talent Acquisition Operations Process, there was a significant improvement in the wider TA collaboration and productivity.

Also, the candidate experience engagement score improved from 68% to 82%.

NOTE: There were KPIs for the Recruiters and Sourcers for the other hiring stages.

Vic Okezie is a global talent acquisition leader.

He has held recruitment leadership roles at global organisations like Amazon and GE.

Learn more about him or connect on LinkedIn.