Why Should I Hire a Career Coach?

Career coaching gives you that time to focus on yourself. You will get a chance to ask yourself honest questions. And find practical solutions.

How? Coaching provides the space to invest qualitative time with an objective professional, to help crystallize your career options.

Why hire a career coach

How a career coach works?

Coaching can support you with finding your career purpose, life’s passions, job promotion, job interview preparation or career transition. Therefore, you can work with a career coach at any point of your professional work life.

During the sessions, we will challenge your career ideas and intentions; aspirations and ambitions. Subsequently, we will work together to put an action plan in place to help you realize and actualize them. Working with our professional coach, you will be provided you with confidence and direction to help you clarify your career options.

Our coaching sessions have been created to:

  • Assist you reflect on and reimagine what you want with your career
  • Help you clarify what career path you need to take that aligns with your passions
  • Give you the tools to identify, interview for and get hired into the right job

Why Vic Okezie Coaching?

Vic Okezie Coaching provides you with the methods and mindset to make better career decisions. Vic has extensive experience within the recruitment industry and for the past decade, has led high performing teams in global companies, including at Amazon, GE, Dassault Systemes and PTC,

Our career coaching methodology focuses on outcomes, achieved through actions and activities. We will start with the why, then the what and the how. The why will help you establish your life’s purpose. The what will be the actions you need to take to achieve your goals. Finally, the how will be the methods and behaviours that will enable you to be successful in your aspirations.

These 3 pillars form the foundation of our coaching approach, along with the PATH (Passions, Ambitions, Thoughts, Heart) track.

Where coaching takes place?

In order to provide you with flexibility, our coaching is exclusively via video enabled communications (Teams or Zoom) at your convenience, including in the evenings and weekends. First, we offer a free 30 minutes consultation to determine if there is fit and if we can really help you.

Following this, we will discuss our standard coaching fees if we will work with you. We recommend a block of 3 coaching sessions per month. Depending on your needs, we offer discounted packages for ongoing dedicated coaching.

To see how we can support your career coaching needs, please contact us: coach@vicokezie.com.