Posted by Vic Okezie on June 18th, 2012

It is just 10 days to #SRCONF 2012 in London, on the 28th June. We have close to 150 attendees already, and here is a sample list. If you haven’t registered yet, click here or use form below.

Here are 5 reasons why you must attend!

1. Packed Programme: This years agenda has continued with our vision to showcase great case studies, as well as welcome insights from relevant technology platforms. We will be seeing enhanced presentations from Autodesk and Deloitte France, including new case studies from Eversheds, RBS, ITV and Unilever. It will be packed from the start with keynotes, panel discussions and case studies.

2. Excellent Speakers: We are welcoming back two speakers who have spoken at SRCONF in the past based on excellent feedback from previous audience. Also in the lineup are other speakers who may well be sharing their case studies and knowledge to the SRCONF delegates for the very first time. Speakers have been carefully selected in order to establish a fine balance in the agenda and content shared at the conference.

3. Relevant Sponsors: It is always a pleasure to welcome some brilliant recruitment technology products join us as sponsors. What we have consistently heard from delegates who have attended our past events is that our Sponsors or Exhibitors are very relevant, and involved in the conversation. We are delighted to have these great products as SRCONF 2012 sponsors: BeKnown, Viadeo, Lumesse, Work4 Labs and TribePad.

4. Engaging Discussions: #SRCONF prides itself as one that brings together the classic conference presentation formats and an engaged audience participation. With active twitter feeds displayed at visible spots within the venue, delegates can follow the conversations within the room as well as from people engaging with us from wherever they might be. Our attendees tend to share comments or observations using the twitter hashtag, and this enhance the overall social conference experience.

5. Excellent Networking: Attendees will get ample opportunities to network with other delegates and their peers before the conference and during well-timed breaks / lunch, to share ideas from discussions during the sessions and other relevant points of interest. We also encourage attendees to join our post-conference drinks at a local pub just 2 minutes from the venue to continue the conversation. This is surely the fun bit 🙂

Posted by Vic Okezie on June 14th, 2012

Crexia is delighted to welcome Lumesse as a Social Channels & Livestream Sponsor for Social Recruiting Conference 2012, taking place in London. Lumesse will be onsite at the event to engage with delegates and share insights on Social Talent Management.

About Lumesse

Lumesse is the only global company making talent management solutions work locally. We help customers around the world to implement successful local talent management initiatives that identify, nurture and develop the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Our multi-cultural background and presence means we understand how to deliver talent solutions that work the way our customers work, as individuals and as teams, because no two people, organisations or cultures are the same. We regard differences as strengths, not as obstacles.

1,700 customers work with us in over 70 countries because they recognise that commitment, innovation and value only come from people. We help customers to unlock and inspire that human potential in their businesses. Our integrated talent management solutions are comprehensive, intuitive, secure and fully internationalised into over 50 languages.

Our passion is developing intuitive talent management technology that people love to use. Our integrated talent management solutions – including talent acquisition, onboarding, performance management, succession management, compensation management, enterprise learning management and talent analytics – create fantastic outcomes and inspiring careers. Gartner, Inc. describes us as a ‘Leader’ in its Magic Quadrants for both Talent Management and Talent Acquisition.

We are a growing, profitable, successful business, with solid backing from HgCapital, one of Europe’s largest technology investors. We believe that success comes from happy employees and happy customers , so we put our people on the ground, where our customers live and work, based from offices in Europe, the US and Asia Pacific. That’s why Bersin & Associates calls us an ‘outperformer’ for customer satisfaction. Visit

Learn more about Lumesse by watching the video below.

Posted by Vic Okezie on June 13th, 2012

We had quite a broad topic for last night’s #SRCHAT. Following a blog post listing 20 Social Recruiting Platforms last week, we posed the question “What is a Social Recruiting Platform?” to the community to see what the perception was.

What is a Social Recruiting Platform?

Could it be that any tool with social features, that we use for recruiting, is a Social Recruiting Platform?

How should Social Recruiting Products integrate with existing HR Technologies? The initial conversation this evening was sparked off by the news that Spokeo has been fined $800,000 for selling False Employee Background Check Info. Find more info on this from Wired and from the SourceCon blog. This sparked us to ask just how much information we should be collecting about candidates.

What is the future of the Social Recruiting Technology space? It is clear that everyone wants to use social platforms in different ways, both those doing the recruiting and those that want to be recruited. It is important to understand what your particular audience wants and what tools they already use. Social Media is, by its very nature, a long term thing – you can’t build a following or an engaged community over night. People only look for jobs in isolated pockets of time though, creating a disconnect when it comes to social recruiting.

This led us to ask whether we should be building dedicated social platforms for recruitment or using the social spaces that already exist, like Facebook and Twitter to engage with potential candidates? Is it more of a branding exercise than an extension or replacement of the ATS?

What is your take on these questions? Let us know on Twitter using the #SRCHAT tag or leave a comment here.

We keep a running list of everyone that’s taken part in one of these Twitter Chats – you can follow them all by checking out this Twitter list.

Thanks to all that took part in this week’s chat. I’ll leave you with this final word from Vic.

The topic of next week’s chat will be announced here on the blog so watch this space!

#SRCHAT takes place every Wednesday at 8pm BST, 3pm ET and 12pm PT. We recommend using Twubs as a great tool for taking part in Twitter Chats.

Posted by Vic Okezie on June 12th, 2012

Last week, I wrote a post that sort of listed 20 Social Recruiting Platforms that I find really cool. Some of them I have tested and seen demos; others I have read good reviews and seen great companies use them as a candidate attraction / talent community / employee referrals tools.

The post got popular, and a few comments both public and private pitched products that may be deemed as a Social Recruiting Platforms. Since the market is seemining young but growing rapidly, it will be great to share more insights into what is out there and how these can help organisations streamline their recruitment needs.

Hence, this week’s (tomorrow’s) twitterchat will focus on Social Recruiting Platforms. This will be our first Social Recruiting UNCHAT, where the actual agenda is not fixed and no guest speakers.

So #SRCHAT tomorrow, will be freestyle with just 3-5 questions and anyone can jump in and debate Social Recruiting Platforms. The thoughts to bear in mind include:

1. What is a Social Recruiting Platform?
2. How should Social Recruiting Products integrate with existing HR Technologies?
3. What is the future of the Social Recruiting Technology space?

If you have any more, please send me or shout out during #srchat. Hopefully, we will get some interest from guys building great products in Europe, alongside some innovative Social Recruiting technology from across the pond. The time is 8PM BST // 3PM ET // 12NOON PT. See you then!

Posted by Vic Okezie on June 8th, 2012

#SRCONF London takes place in 20 days – yes, 28th June 2012 in London, UK. Speakers include Autodesk, Deloitte France, Eversheds, ITV, Monster UK, Unilever, Viadeo, Work4 Labs, andsome and some more 🙂 Get 20% discount by using this Viadeo code or joining our LinkedIn group.

#SRCONF 2012 Attendees in London will learn how to:

  • Engage with talent, within Social Media communities and attract them to your organisations
  • Promote your Employer Brand via Social Media and monitoring conversations with candidates
  • Manage Social Recruiting Platforms: Technical skills relevant to Social Media tools
  • Design a Social Media Recruiting Strategy that incorporates other Recruitment channels
  • Measure Social Recruiting ROI by tracking and analysing returns on social recruiting

Delegates can register via our website to secure a place or use the embedded form above. For a sample of who else is attending, see this list (we are still updating).