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Our mission is to empower people, helping them realise their career and life’s purpose.

Whether you are considering your next career options, finding your passion, thinking of launching a new business or looking to develop your leadership acumen, we would love to help.

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Our Services

Career Coaching

What do you really want to do with your life? This professional career advisory will help you find your purpose and follow your passion.

Business Coaching

Launching a new business could be daunting. Our business coach sessions will challenge your business ideas, plans and strategy.

Executive Coaching

It can be lonely at the top, when you get there. From climbing the career ladder to operating as a leader, this service will embolden you.

I worked with the Executive Coach who helped me to really understand the right leadership behaviours that I need to work on to help me grow into a Senior Executive position. These sessions were invaluable as I was able to identify with my personal values, which in turn helped me demonstrate my authenticity and accountability leadership skills.

John G, VP, Global Services


What is your Life Purpose?

Millions of people ponder these questions – What is my Life’s purpose? What do I really want to do with my life? Guess what – many asked these questions too.

Why Should I hire a Career Coach?

Career coach will give you that time to focus on yourself. It creates the space to spend a dedicate time with an objective professional to help crystallize your career options.

Our H.E.A.R.T Leadership Values

Vic Okezie Coaching has built a values-based leadership model we call H.E.A.R.T. This model connects the following values: Humility, Empathy, Accountability, Resilience & Trust.

Our Coach

Vic Okezie

Vic Okezie is a talent leader with expertise in global recruitment and people leadership. He has extensive experience within the recruitment industry and for the past decade, he has led high performing teams in global companies, including at Amazon, GE and Dassault Systemes.

Vic is passionate about coaching and helping people find their life’s purpose. Please connect with him.