Vic Okezie is a global talent acquisition leader.

He has held recruitment leadership roles at Amazon and GE. Passionate about coaching and empowerment, Vic leads teams by embedding the right behaviours for individual & people development.

  • How to Master STAR Interview Technique

    How to Master STAR Interview Technique

    The STAR Interview Technique is used by many employers during the hiring process. STAR stands for Situation/Task, Action and Result. This job interview technique is based on the fact that the best predictor of future performance is someone’s past performance. During interviews, the hiring managers will not ask questions based on hypothetical scenarios. The interviewers…

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  • Amazon Operations Managers: Talent Profile Insights Sample

    Amazon Operations Managers: Talent Profile Insights Sample

    Amazon hires 1000s of Operations Managers. This is a recurring role within the Amazon Stores organisation. Whilst at Amazon, I led a cross-functional recruitment team to create a talent profile insights document for the top 20 recurring roles our team hired. The document also includes LinkedIn Talent Insight with relevant data showing the talent profile…

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  • How to Refresh Your Talent Acquisition Operations Process

    How to Refresh Your Talent Acquisition Operations Process

    Talent Acquisition Operations is an important component of the hiring experience to ensure people, processes, tools and times are aligned for better productivity. After joining a large, global organisation, I observed that the TA Operations team weren’t working with clear SLAs. Accountability was lacking. The reason was due to a significant number of changes in…

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Vic’s innate passion to coach people and develop his team members are something extraordinary.

Under his supervision I was able to deliver my best work, feeling empowered and inspired on a daily basis. Vic’s leadership skills also rely on his ability to create a great team environment and a sense of belonging.

You will not easily find a Manager like Vic and if you do, consider yourself extremely lucky.

Alessia M

Working with Vic has been an amazing experience! Vic is a fantastic leader and has great people management and interpersonal skills.

He can easily recognize talent, strengths, values and also improvement areas of the team, he provides constant feedback and guides the team towards success.

I can’t thank him enough for all the help and support during the time I have worked with him!

Alina C

Vic’s actively leads the team, in times of organizational and operational changes.

During the time I have worked in his team, I’ve acquired a lot of relevant coaching which was valuable to my career development.

I’ve felt empowered and supported along the way, which adds value to my work. I am happy to have had the opportunity to work with him.

Samet G