Coaching & Development

Coaching to empower people and teams to drive their personal growth through self-awareness and adopting leadership behaviours.

Coaching by Vic Okezie

Career Coaching

Career coaching gives you that time to focus on yourself. You will get a chance to ask yourself honest questions. And find practical answers.
How? It provides the space to invest qualitative time with an objective professional, to help crystallize your career options.

Vic has worked with teams and professionals to help with the following:

  • Assist you reflect on and reimagine what you want with your career
  • Help you clarify what career path you need to take that aligns with your passions
  • Give you the tools to identify, interview for and get hired into the right job.

During the sessions, Vic will challenge your career ideas and intentions; aspirations and ambitions. And he will work together to put an action plan in place to help you realise and actualise them.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching provides you with the framework that will help you refresh your leadership competencies and rebuild your confidence.
For some leaders, it can be lonely at the top. Or maybe you often deal with imposters syndrome. You don’t have to be alone.

This is ideally suited for professionals who are:

  • Looking for their next manager promotion or interview for a leadership role
  • Leading change or a transformational programme and need a sounding board
  • Living with imposter syndrome and need to rebuild their leadership confidence

Interview Coaching

This will help you raise the bar during job interviews, land the right professional or executive role and power your career. In addition, it will provide you with the techniques, tools and approach to ace your interview, whilst guaranteeing a higher rate of success.

What you will gain:

  • Help you really understand what the job description is and role expectations are
  • Review and prepare for competency interview questions, focused on S.T.A.R methodology
  • Role play on job interview scenarios where you will be challenged and actively coached

Vic have extensive experience in global talent acquisition and people leadership. He has worked for major employers like Amazon, GE and Dassault Systemes. At Amazon, he embraced the bar raising hiring format, aligned to Amazon’s Leadership Principles.

During his career, he has interviewed ~1000 candidates for job opportunities into global organisations of all sizes. In addition, he has personally hired and developed their own team, including leading managers.

To learn more about Vic’s coaching expertise, please email him